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In the footsteps of Odysseus on Ithaca - an update

I was happy with my talk for the Ithacan Historical Society in Melbourne. For anyone who missed it, who are still interested, they have put it up on YouTube. This is the link: Youtube:

The IHS have asked me to publish the unpublished lecture notes, or the essay, written about Ithaca by Professor George Huxley. These were written to explain why, according to the ancient texts, Odysseus centred his kingdom in the island of Ithaca - the place that bears the same name today - in spite of any rumours you may have heard to the contrary. I have both of these papers along with permission to publish. The eminent photographer Robert McCabe, who went with Huxley in 2007 to check the various sites, is searching in his database of 92,000 photographs for those that he took at the time. When they are found I hope to publish the text together with the photographs, as originally intended.

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