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Paulo's Article

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Paulo Ferreira, Officer for the Paddington Library, kindly wrote an article for SEBRA NEWS W2 Summer Edition:

On Thursday 28 April 2022 Paddington Library proudly hosted the official book launch of Walking in the Footsteps of Odysseus: A Practical Guide to the Homeric Paths of Ithaca by local author and artist Jane Cochrane.

It was a remarkable occasion attended by a large audience which included Jane's own guests and members of the public. Attendees also enjoyed the viewing of a small selection of Jane's awesome paintings displayed at the library for two weeks prior to the book launch. The event ended with a joyful gathering when participants could socialise and enjoy a variety of refreshments generously sponsored by the local Waitrose branch at Porchester Road.

Jane's talk was conducted by journalist Nigel Summerley who also acted as her walk checker on her many research trips to the isle of Ithaca. Towards the closure of the presentation, guests were given the opportunity to ask questions answered by both Jane and Nigel.

Copies of Jane's books, including Odysseus' Island, were available to purchase on site which she was very happy to sign on request. Jane has kindly donated copies of both titles to the library which can now be borrowed by library users.

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