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A beautiful map

This is a picture of the beautiful and accurate map that appeared last year on a board beside the road in Kioni, where I have a small house in the north of Ithaca. The sub-title indicates how you can follow these ancient paths in the Footsteps of Odysseus’.

I tried, back in 2019 in the main town Vathi, to buy a paper copy of this map, but nobody I asked knew anything about it. This year I had another idea - I looked it up on Google Images. After quite a bit of research I finally discovered that these are the excellent guys who made it: They are doing wonderful work restoring ancient trails all over Greece. I am thrilled! It seems that you can buy the map in digital form to use on a smartphone from: I can’t wait to do this and to try it out. It may be that it can't yet be bought in printed form, which is a pity for oldies like me. However the digital map sounds like a very good idea. Let's hope the good people of Ithaca begin to promote it further!

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