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I have recently been posting about my books on Ithaca on the Truly Ithaca Facebook page. Some interesting conversations have resulted, especially in response to a recent post showing coins from 4th and 3rd centuries BC in the Archaeological Museum in Vathi, Ithaca. Many of these coins show the head of Odysseus and the words ΙΘΑ or ΙΘΑΚΩΝ (of the Ithacans). These coins show that this particular island, and no other, was both called Ithaca, and associated with Odysseus, back then. Most scholars and academics believe there has been no name change on this particular Greek island since the time of Homer around 8th century BC.

On a totally different subject I would like to announce that I have just published my retitled and beautifully edited book about my search for my father who was killed in World War ll. The title is JOCK: The Father I Never Knew. Readers of this blog who are principally interested in my books about Ithaca can ignore this information, as this is a very personal story – a book about the pity of war.

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